Entertainment Company Logo

Saffron Stroke presents a free logo for an entertainment company. An Entertainment Company may be a production house that makes television programmes, plays or movies, involved in organizing music events, fashion events, wedding planners, and other entertainment and recreational activities. This logo is a vector logo and hence scalable without harming its quality. You can […]

Create a 3D Push Pin using Illustrator in 10 simple steps

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a realistic 3D push pin in Adobe Illustrator with 10 simple steps. Lets get started. 1. Set the Fill to none and choose a nice bright Stroke color. I have used the shade #D7DF23 of green. Using the Pen tool (P), draw paths similar to these: […]

Rain Effect in Photoshop CS5

Learn to create Rain Effect in Photoshop CS5, in this tutorial. 1. Launch Photoshop and open the picture over which you want to create the rain effect. 2. Create a new layer using the Layers palette (Window > Layers or F7). Choose the ‘New Layer’ icon (next to the bin icon) at the bottom of […]

Create a Page Curl Effect using Photoshop CS5 in 5 easy steps

When I was new to Photoshop, I went through a lot of tutorials to help me create a page curl effect. Back then it was considered a very cool effect and almost every website and graphic had a page curl effect. But most of the tutorials that showed how to achieve this effect were quite […]

3D Fruit Bowl in Adobe Illustrator CS5

In my earlier tutorial ‘3D apple in Adobe Illustrator CS5 in 3 easy steps’, you learnt how to create a 3D apple in 3 simple steps. In this tutorial, we will place the apples in a 3D Fruit Bowl. See below: Lets get started. Follow these steps: 1. Choose the ‘Blob Brush’ tool from the […]

Crop Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Since we are exploring the basics of Photoshop, let me introduce you to one of the simple ways to crop images. The crop tool 1. Choose the Crop tool from the Toolbox. 2.  Now drag your cursor over the image to crop it. The crop selection would look like this: The handles around the corners […]

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  • Free Finance Logo

    Free Finance Logo

    Saffron Stroke presents a free logo suitable for Financial Services and other Money Solutions. The logo is created using Adobe Illustrator and you can download the Illustrator (.ai) files and modify them to suit your business. Download the Illustrator logo files.

  • Designing the Table Layout for Multiple Resolutions in Expression Web 4

    Designing the Table Layout for Multiple Resolutions in Expression Web 4

    With the advent of CSS layouts I prefer not to use tables for laying out my web sites. But there are many designers/developers who still go in for tables. Expression Web also gives you tools to build a layout using tables. Learn more about Table Layouts in Creating Layout Tables in Microsoft Expression Web How […]

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