Create a hotspot in Microsoft Expression Web 2

A hotspot is a clickable portion or a hyperlinked area in a picture that works as a hyperlink. You can have one or more hotspots in a picture. A hotspot can be rectangular, circular or polygonal is shape.

Create a hotspot?

1.       In the Design view, click on the picture to which you want to add hotspot to.

2.       To launch the Pictures Toolbar, right click on any toolbar and choose Pictures from the list.


3.       Click the Rectangular hotspot button, Circular hotspot button or Polygonal hotspot button.



4.       To draw a rectangular or circular hotspot, place the pointer on the picture where you want to create the hotspot and drag it.

5.       To create a polygonal hotspot, click on the picture to create each vertex and then complete the shape by joining the starting and ending vertices, or double click on the last vertex to let Expression Web complete the polygon for you.

6.       As soon as your hotspot shape is complete, you are prompted with the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. Locate the file you want to link to and then click OK.

Edit a hotspot

Click on the picture that contains your hotspots. On the Pictures toolbar, make sure the Select button is selected. Then choose to do any of the following:

1.       Move: Click inside the hotspot and drag it to move the hotspot around.

2.       Resize: Drag the arrows on the vertices to resize the hotspot.

3.       Edit Link: Double click the hotspot to open the Edit Hyperlink window. You can change the link reference over here.

4.       Delete: Click the hotspot and hit Delete key.

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