Quick Tag Selector in Microsoft Expression Web 2

A Quick Tag Selector bar is located at the top of the editing window in your Expression Web workspace. It makes it easier for you to select, edit and remove tags while working in Design or Code view of a web page. To view the Quick Tag Selector bar, go to View > choose Quick Tag Selector. See image below:



The Quick Tag Selector is to be read from left to right to follow the order of the hierarchy of tags. For instance; in the image above, <body> contains <div> which in turn contains <p>. Place your cursor inside the tag in Design view or Code view and that particular tag will be selected in the Quick Tag Selector bar at the top. The drop down arrow besides each tag in the Quick Tag Selector bar displays a menu as shown above. Let us see what each option does:

1.       Select Tag selects the start and end tags along with the content of those tags.

2.       Select Tag Contents selects only the content inside the tags.

3.       Edit Tag… displays the Quick Tag Editor window, which enables you to add, modify or wrap tags.

4.       Remove Tag removes the start and ends tags, leaving the content intact.

5.       Insert HTML… displays the Quick Tag Editor window that lets you insert HTML into your web page.

6.       Wrap Tag… displays the Quick Tag Editor window that lets you insert nested tags into a selected tag.

7.       Tag Properties… opens the Tag Properties dialog box or task pane related to the tag.

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