Paste Options in Microsoft Expression Web 2

When you choose ‘Paste’ from the Edit menu or press ‘CTRL+V’ in the design view of the web page, to paste a copied piece of text, the Paste Options button paste_button appears just below the pasted text. As you hover over your mouse on the button, it displays a down arrow next to it. Click on the arrow to get a menu as shown below:



Let us explore each of these options in detail.

1.       Match Destination Formatting

This is the default option chosen when you paste text into your Expression Web document.

If the source document contains a style that has same name as your destination document, this option applies the styles defined in the destination document and not from the source from where the text is copied. For instance if you copy a Heading 1 text from a Microsoft Word document and paste it into the page in Expression Web, the pasted text would be formatted according to the Heading 2 style defined in Expression Web.

2.       Keep Source Formatting

This option retains the styles of the source document from where the text is copied, not considering the styles in the destination Expression Web document.

In the above example the Heading 1 would be retained as it would appear in the Microsoft Word document after it is pasted in the Expression Web page.

3.       Remove Formatting

This option removes all formatting and pastes the text as plain text.

4.       Keep HTML Only

This option can only be used when you are copying any HTML code and you want to render the text in the code rather than displaying the tags. For instance, <pre>This is a piece of text </pre> would be displayed in a preformatted

5.       Keep Text Only…

Choose this option when you want to paste just the text from the source. When you choose this option you get the Paste Text dialog box shows up.


Paste Text dialog box contains more options to format your text. For more details about Paste text options, see Import and format content from other documents in Microsoft Expression Web


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