What is Incremental Search in Microsoft Expression Web 2

Incremental search is a user interface interaction method to progressively search for and filter through text. In Expression Web, Incremental Search, searches the text as you type, and as soon as a match is found it immediately presents it to you. Incremental Search gives you an advantage, to stop short of typing the entire word or phrase you are looking for.

How to search incrementally?

1.       Open the page or CSS file you want to search and place the cursor where you want to begin your search.

2.       Go to Edit > Incremental Search. Your cursor would now change to inc_search_cursor.

3.       Now just type in the characters you want to search. The status bar would display the characters as you type them, and the first occurrence of the letters you have typed, would be highlighted in the page.

4.       To locate and move to the next occurrence of the characters press F3 and to go to the previous instance press SHIFT + F3.

To stop the incremental search either press Esc, or Enter or just click somewhere in your page.

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  1. Bradley says:

    I had no idea about Incremental Search until I happened to read this article. Thanks for posting.

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