Rearrange commands on toolbars and menu in Microsoft Expression Web 2

Rearrange Commands tool lets you do all possible actions to customize your toolbars and menus the way you want them. You can rearrange the commands on the toolbar to:

·         Add, remove, reorder the commands on the menu bar and toolbar.

·         Modify the name, image and keyboard shortcut associated with a menu command or button on the toolbar.

To launch the Rearrange Commands dialog box, go to Tools > Customize. In the Customize dialog box, go to the Commands tab and click Rearrange Commands.



Use the Rearrange Commands dialog box to do the following:

1.       Choose a menu or toolbar to rearrange: Select the Menu Bar or Toolbar you want to change.

2.       Controls: Select the controls you want to change.

3.       Add: Click the button to add a new control.

4.       Delete:  Click the button to delete a control.

5.       Move Up: Click the button to move the control up in a menu bar or towards left on a toolbar.

6.       Move Down: Click the button to move the control down in a menu bar or towards right on a toolbar.

7.       Modify Selection: The drop down menu has a number of options like;


·         Reset – resets the control

·         Delete – deletes the control

·         Name – You can enter a name for the control along with its keyboard shortcut. In the above image; &File… denotes ALT + N is the keyboard shortcut to access File menu.

·         Copy Button Image – lets you copy the button image associated with this control.

·         Paste Button Image – lets you paste a button image.

·         Reset Button Image – resets the button image to its default.

·         Edit Button Image – lets you edit the button image.

·         Change Button Image… – lets you choose a new button image from the menu.

·         Default Style – set the style of the button to its default.

·         Text Only (Always) – sets to always display only text for the control.

·         Text Only (in Menus) – sets to always display only text for control only when it appears in a menu.

·         Image and Text – lets you always display an image and text for the control.

·         Begin a Group – adds a group separator bar.

·         Assign Macro… – lets you link a control to a macro.

8.       Reset: Resets any and all the actions you carried out on the menu bar and toolbar.

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