Defining a font family in Microsoft Expression Web 2

As designers we always prefer to define a font family for different elements of a page instead of defining a single the font. A font family is a set of three or more fonts for displaying text. If a single font defined in the page is not installed on the viewers system, then the default serif or sans serif font will be shown. Well but in case of a font family, if the first font in the family is unavailable, the second font is checked. If that font too is not available then only the system will go in for serif or sans serif fonts.

You can always open the Code view and include a <font-family> tag, but Expression Web 2 has made this easier. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Tools menu > Page Editor Options…
  2. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, switch to Font Families tab. See image below:


  1. As shown in the above image, click on (New Font Family) under the section ‘Select font family:’
  2. Then start adding fonts in the Add font box. Either choose the font from the list, or type it manually in the box. Once you do that the Add button will be enabled. As soon as you choose the font from the list, click Add and the font will be added to a new font family. To add fonts to this family, choose it from the list and click Add. It will get appended to the list. You can add as many fonts as you like.
  3. The ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons let you organize the font family list. This list would appear in the intellisense in the same order as it is displayed over here. Click OK when your options are set.


To make sure that your viewers would always be able to see some text, it is better to include a serif or monospace font in your font family.

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About the Author: Minal is a freelance web and graphics designer. She specializes in designing Logos, Stationery, Graphics and Icons as well as website templates using graphical tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Expression Web. Twitter @saffronstroke

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