Define terms in Microsoft Expression Web 2

You may have to add some technical terms and their definition in your pages. So when you have to present such list of terms and definitions, you can add a definition list to your pages. The Definition List <dl> consists of a set of a Defined Term <dt> and its Definition <dd>. These tags help you to arrange your terms and their definition in an organized manner.

Create a definition list

  1. Open your web page in Design view and place your cursor where you want your definition list to begin.
  2. On the Common Toolbar*or Formatting Toolbar*, click the Style drop down box and then select Defined List <dt>.
  3. Then type the first term of the list and hit ‘Enter’. The next line will be automatically formatted (indented towards right) as a definition list. Type the definition and again hit the enter key.
  4. Continue with the next term and its definition in the similar way.
  5. To discontinue the definition list hit the ‘Enter’ key twice.

A definition list would look as shown below:


* To view the Common or Formatting toolbars, right click on any toolbar and from the menu choose Common or Formatting.

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