Renaming Class-based styles in Microsoft Expression Web 2

You may require to rename your existing class-based style, while you are working with your document. The important factor here is that you want all the references to that class to be updated too. Well EW lets you do that using the Apply Styles, Modify Styles or CSS Properties task pane and instantaneously update all the references. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open the web page where the style is defined and applied. If you are using an external style sheet, open that.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • In Apply Styles task pane, select the class-based style and click on the down arrow besides it. From the menu choose ‘Rename class “classname”…’.
    • app_style_tp

    • In Manage Styles task pane, right click on the class-based style and choose ‘Rename class “classname”…’ from the menu.
    • man_style_tp

    • In the CSS Properties task pane, under the Applied Rules section, find the class-based style and right click to choose ‘Rename class “classname”…’
    • css_prop_tp 

  3. The Rename Class dialog box will then appear.
  4.  ren_class_dlg

  5. The dialog box tells you where the style is defined and its current name. Enter the new name for the style in ‘New name’ box. The name should not begin with a period. Also this new name should not contain any underscores since they are now deprecated by the current CSS standards.
  6. The checkbox ‘Rename class references in x files that uses this style sheet’ lets you update all the existing references to this class in your document. Check this box and click OK.

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