Snapshot Panel in Microsoft Expression Web 3

In my earlier article on Expression Studio 3 Released (Expression Web 3) I shared some of the new features of Microsoft Expression Web 3 with you. I am now exploring Expression Web 3 and will continue sharing tips and tricks.

‘Snapshot’ is one new feature that has been added to Microsoft Expression Web 3. As the name suggests, it takes a snapshot of your page in any given browser (you can choose from the list of installed browsers) and displays it in the main workspace. Now this is one handy feature. It lets you get an instant preview while you are still working. Of course you still have the ‘Preview in Browser’ that you had in Expression Web 2 and the newly added ‘SuperPreview’ (we will cover that here in detail soon) that gives you a better experience with previewing your document. The Snapshot panel displays browser rendering of HTML, PHP, ASP and ASPX pages and is updated every time you save your current page.

Go to ‘Panels’ menu and choose ‘Snapshot’.


Notice the new green color, to highlight menu items as scroll over them. Though I think the color could have been better, had it been a fresher shade of green.

If you do not have any document opened the panel would not display anything. If your document is open, it would take some time before showing you a snapshot.


The Snapshot panel is docked below the main workspace window, though you can pin it anywhere else you like or just float it around.

The Snapshot Panel has following options:


  1. Browser: Use this drop down list to choose from a list of installed browsers.
  2. Browser window size: Use this drop down list to select a screen size or create a custom size.
  3. Always Preview Active Document: If you have multiple files open in your session, enabling this feature will display a snapshot of the active document. That means as you switch between the documents the corresponding snapshot will be generated. If this option is disabled, you always have to save the active page to generate the snapshot.

Though I have not started working in Microsoft Expression Web 3 as yet, I am surely looking forward to do that soon because of such interesting features.

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About the Author: Minal is a freelance web and graphics designer. She specializes in designing Logos, Stationery, Graphics and Icons as well as website templates using graphical tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Expression Web. Twitter @saffronstroke

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  1. […] No I haven’t made any spelling mistake neither are you making any mistake in reading the title. It is SlapShot and not Snapshot that I am talking about here. Some of you must have already used the Snapshot Panel, that was introduced in Expression Web 3. For them, the SlapShot panel would seem familiar. But for those who haven’t yet used the Snapshot panel, let me brief you about it first. Snapshot panel helps you get an instant preview of the page you are working in by displaying an image of the current page, as rendered by the selected browser. You can switch between the browsers and resolutions to instantly preview your changes in different browsers. Read more about the Snapshot Panel. […]

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