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Microsoft Expression Web supports different publishing settings. You can choose to work on your own computer and then publish your site/ changes to your site onto the remote production web server or you can work on a remote staging server and publish on the production web server or work directly on the remote production web server. In any of these scenarios, you will have to choose a protocol to transfer your files. You can publish your website using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) if your hosting server supports FTP. Microsoft Expression Web 3 has a improved FTP client support that enables use of secure FTP – FTPS and SFTP. It can open as many as 10 multiple connections, with a faster speed and stores multiple connection settings for same IP address. In addition to FTPS and SFTP you can choose to use passive or active (normal) FTP. Among others are FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE), WebDAV and File System.

To setup a Publishing destination

1. In the Publishing View, click Add a publishing destination.


2. In the Connection Settings dialog box, enter the name of your site.


3. Choose Connection Type from the list of available connections types.

4. In Location, type the complete address of the website to be published, preceded with the protocol. Eg.

5. Type in the name of the directory.

6. You will have to enter user credentials for all the connection types except the File System.

7. ‘Maximum simultaneous connections’ lets you choose how many files you want to transfer simultaneously instead of one at a time. The default number can be changed for FTP, FTPS and SFTP connections. But you need to check the same with the Hosting Provider, since many times they restrict the number of simultaneous connections.

8. Check the box if you want to use Passive FTP.

Change an existing Publishing destination

1. In Publishing View, click on Publishing settings.

2. Choose the Publishing tab of the Site settings dialog box, select the publishing destination you want to modify and click Edit.


3. Choose new settings and click on Save.

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