Layers Panel in Microsoft Expression Web 3

A layer is effectively a <div> that is positioned absolutely or relatively. The Layers Panel lets you set the visibility, z-index and ID for layers.

To view the Layers Panel, go to Panels menu > choose Layers. The Layers panel will be docked next to Apply and Manage Styles panels by default. You can always float it or dock it anywhere else.


Let us see each of these options available in the Layers Panel.

1. Insert Layer button: lets you insert a layer in Design view or Code view.

2. Draw Layer button: lets you draw a layer in the Design view. The button is inactive in Code view.

3. Layer visibility column: denotes the visibility of a layer, depicted by a small eye icon. clip_image004denotes visible and clip_image006denotes hidden. The layers that are created are visible by default (as shown in the image above) but their visibility property is not set. You can do that explicitly by clicking in this column.

4. Z-Index column: shows the value of a layer’s z-index property. The z-index defines the display order of the layer along the z-axis.

5. Layer ID column: displays the layer’s ID attribute value. Double click on the value in the column to edit it. An ID attribute must have a unique value. The ‘+’ sign in the column, shows nested layers. Click on the + sign to expand. Nested layers are also indented in the column to indicate the same. See image below:


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