Expression Web 4 Licensing

For those who are looking out to upgrade from Expression Web 3 to 4, the upgrade path depends upon how you have obtained Expression Web 3. If you have purchased a retail version of Expression Web 3 from the Microsoft Store, Digital River or a local software retailer, then you can download the Expression Web 4 Trial version from the Microsoft site. The Setup program will identify the license for Expression Web 3 from the Windows License Store and apply it to version 4. And the full version will automatically be enabled. Once Expression Web 4 is installed, you can either uninstall Expression Web 3 or leave it installed. But remember to retain your copy of Expression Web 3 and the product id, if you may need to reinstall the program in case of hard drive failure or reinstall the OS (Windows).

If you have acquired Expression Web 3 either from MSDN, DreamSpark or through a volume license, then you should not install the trial version. You need to get a copy of Expression Web 4 the same way you acquired Expression Web 3.

You can download the free upgrade to Expression Web 4 here.

For more details on Expression Web 4 licensing, read here.

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