Improved Help menu in Expression Web 4

Yeah I know what you are thinking! What’s the big deal about the help menu? I agree in earlier versions of Expression Web, the only useful option in the Help menu was the ‘User Guide’. I too used the help menu only to access the ‘User Guide’, when required. But it is a big deal in Expression Web 4 since the Help menu now offers many more options to help you while working in Expression Web 4. Take a look at the menu:


The Help menu in Expression Web 4 has links to Online Community, Online Forums, Add-Ins Community Gallery, Expression Web SDK User Guide, Team Blog and many other links that really prove helpful while working with Expression Web. You do not need to open the browser and visit each link individually when required. Just go to help and visit the relevant link.

The Help menu contains these items:

a. User Guide: We are familiar with the User Guide which comes with every version with updated information. The F1 key also invokes the User Guide.

b. Expression Web SDK User Guide: You can use the Microsoft Expression Web Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the capabilities of Expression Web. In addition to the managed code Application Programming Interface (API), Expression Web introduces a JavaScript API and a JavaScript bridge to the managed code API. – as quoted by Microsoft.

c. Online Community: The menu has sub-menu items like;

Expression Community Home – takes you to the Microsoft Expression Community site page.

Expression Web Online Forums – will take you to Expression Web and SuperPreview forums page. You can ask your questions and have discussions over here.

Learn Expression Web – opens up the Learn Expression Web page where you will find Expression Web Training Videos, Expression Web Starter Kits, Tutorials and Whitepapers.

Add-Ins Community Gallery takes you to the Expression gallery, where all the add-ins posted by various third party websites as well as product users.

Microsoft Web Platform Installer will let you download the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Expression Web Team Blog will take you to the Expression Web Team blog that features plenty of articles on Expression Web and is updated regularly.

d. Keyboard Shortcuts: opens up the Expression Web User Guide with the page listed with all the shortcuts to be used in Expression Web.

e. Privacy Statement: will take you to the Microsoft Expression Web Privacy Statement page.

f. Customer Experience Improvement program: prompts a dialog box asking you if you want to join the Expression Web Customer Experience Improvement Program and tells you what the program is about.


g. Register Expression Web: This option will be available to users who have not registered their copy of Expression Web 4. The option helps you register the product.

h. Enter Product Key: Allows you to enter the product key for Expression Web 4.


i. Activate Product: will activate your copy of Expression Web 4.

j. About Expression Web: will display the Microsoft Expression Web version information.

All these help menu options make it very convenient to work with Expression Web.

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About the Author: Minal is a freelance web and graphics designer. She specializes in designing Logos, Stationery, Graphics and Icons as well as website templates using graphical tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Expression Web. Twitter @saffronstroke

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