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No I haven’t made any spelling mistake neither are you making any mistake in reading the title. It is SlapShot and not Snapshot that I am talking about here. Some of you must have already used the Snapshot Panel, that was introduced in Expression Web 3. For them, the SlapShot panel would seem familiar. But for those who haven’t yet used the Snapshot panel, let me brief you about it first. Snapshot panel helps you get an instant preview of the page you are working in by displaying an image of the current page, as rendered by the selected browser. You can switch between the browsers and resolutions to instantly preview your changes in different browsers. Read more about the Snapshot Panel.

SlapShot is a new add-in or extension written for Expression Web 4 (created by John Dixon) that extends the features of Snapshot by including full ActiveX support (Silverlight®, Flash®, and so on), as well as interactivity within the page (including navigation).

Download the SlapShot add-in here. Then install it using the Manage Add-ins option in EW 4. To learn how to install add-ins, read Expression Web 4 Add-Ins.

Once the add-in is installed, go to Panels > SlapShot and the panel will be opened in your workspace. Dock it anywhere you want. When you launch SlapShot for the first time, it would look like this.

Slapshot panel

SlapShot works by listening to the Expression Web ondocumentchanged and ondocumentsaved events. When a page is saved or the active document is changed, the SlapShot displays the updates. There are a few conditions that must be met before SlapShot will work correctly:

  • The page must belong to a site on the local computer.

  • Expression Web must be configured to use the Microsoft Expression Development Server.

  • Run any page once or load SnapShot  to start the Development Server for the site.

The first version of SlapShot includes default support for the version of Internet Explorer installed on your system. To know more about SlapShot read here.

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