FP Cleaner Utility for Expression Web 4

FP Cleaner Utility Tool has been created by MVP Steve Easton. It has been updated to work with Expression Web 4 (along with the earlier versions). You can download it here.

The FP Cleaner is very helpful in cleaning up the temporary files and any issues that may occur while using Expression Web. FP Cleaner does not require any installation and can be run from desktop. The interface looks like this:


Roll over each option to know more about it. Lets take a look at the interface;

a. Restore Default Toolbars and Menus – This option is not available in Expression Web 4 since the feature of customizing toolbars is no longer available in Expression Web 4. However you can use this option in the earlier versions of EW.

b. Change the “Open Last Web” Setting – This options lets you change the Open Last Web setting, if you have set EW 4 to open up the last edited web when the program starts. In case the web has any problems, it can cause the program to open and freeze. So this way you can make sure the last edited web is not opened.

c. Clear  the Hidden “Temporary” Files – The option first checks for existence of any Temporary directory for the logged on User and if it exists, clears the directory by sending the files to the Recycle bin.

d. Clear the Hidden Cache (*.web) Files – There is web cache file (*.web) for each web and for each web location you create. If these files corrupt then you could face problem opening or closing or publishing your web site. This option deletes these files and forces creation of new clean files when each web is opened or published.

d. Clear the Find Replace MRU List – clears the Most Recently Used ( MRU ) list of Find/Replace entries that are saved the system Registry every time you use Find/Replace to replace words or HTML items using Expression Web.

e. Start – Will launch Expression Web 4.

f. Close – Closes the FP Cleaner program without running it.

g. Info – Displays the basic information about the program (as seen in the above image).

h. Properties – opens the Windows file properties dialog for EWFPCleaner.exe.

You can download the FP Cleaner for Expression Web 4 for free.

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