3D apple in Adobe Illustrator CS5 in 3 easy steps

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a 3D realistic apple illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

1. Draw a narrow ellipse (as shown below) and fill it with red with a stroke of none.

Narrow Ellipse

2. Now go to Effects > 3D > Revolve… Leaving all the options as they are, just check the ‘Preview’ box and this is what you see.

3D Revolve Options window

You can always click on More Options button to view other options and adjust the light effects or shading. Click OK to close the ‘3D Revolve Options’ dialog box.

NOTE: The apple is completely editable, so you can change the shape as you like.

3. Using a pen tool draw a stem like this:

Stem using Pen Tool

Fill it with dark brown color and place it just above the apple.

Stem placed onto the apple

Adjust the size and shape of the stem, if required.

3D apple

NOTE: You can create an art brush of the shape of the stem and then use it if you have multiple apples to be drawn. To create an art brush, drag the shape into the Brushes Panel. In the ‘New Brush’ window, choose ‘Art Brush’ and click OK.

New Brish window

In the ‘Art Brush Options’ window modify any settings and click OK.

Art Brush Options

Now choose the Brush tool from the toolbox, make sure you choose the newly added brush from the Brushes panel and draw stems.

Brushes panel

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