Copy Appearance Attributes using the Eyedropper Tool in Adobe Illustrator CS5

One (among several other) of the features that I love about Adobe Illustrator is the Eyedropper Tool. You must have used the eyedropper tool to pick up colors and gradients. However, you can use the same Eyedropper tool to copy appearance attributes like character styles. Let us see how.


We want to apply the appearance of the text in the first line to the second line. Using the Selection Tool (V) select the second line. Then choose the Eyedropper Tool (I) from the toolbox. Place it over the text in the first line. You should be able to see a small black ‘T’ shaped mark just above the eyedropper icon. Click anywhere on the text. The style will now be applied to the selected (second line) text.


You can use the Eyedropper Options panel to set various options. To open the Eyedropper Options panel, double click the Eyedropper tool in the toolbox. See below:


Two columns suggest what the Eyedropper picks and applies. The options are broadly classified as:

a. Appearance – Color properties of the text.

b. Character Style – Font of the text.

c. Paragraph Style – Paragraph styles of the text.

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