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Some of our readers requested us to post some basic Photoshop tutorials along with the advanced ones. So this is my first basic Photoshop tutorial.

The first thing we do after launching Photoshop is to create a document or open one. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a new document in Photoshop using the options in the ‘New’ document window.

To create a new document, go to File > New.


NOTE: The above screenshot is taken from Photoshop CS5. Your ‘New’ document window may appear different than this if you have a different (lower) version.

Let us explore each of these options here;

Name: Enter a name for the document. Later when you save your document, it will be saved with this name, unless you want to rename it.

Preset: The drop down has different size preset options for the document.


Width and Height: The first boxes take the value for the width and height and the second drop down boxes help you choose the unit of measurement.

Resolution: Resolution is the number of pixels or dots per inch (ppi/dpi). The higher the resolution, higher the quality of graphic, but it also is larger in size. Most common setting is 72 ppi.

Color Mode: There are different color modes through which you can work in Photoshop. Choose one that is appropriate for the document (the purpose of the document).

Background contents: Select from white or background color (already chosen in the Toolbar) or a transparent background for the document.

Advanced Options:-

Color Profile: Lets you choose how your document’s color management should be. If you do not have knowledge about this, leave it as default.

Pixel Aspect Ratio: In simple language, Pixel Aspect ratio is a mathematical ratio that describes how the width of pixels in a digital image compares to their height. Choose any other from the drop down.

In addition to the OK and Cancel/Reset buttons, there is

Save Preset…: This button lets you save your current settings in the New document window as a preset, which you can use later. We will learn how to create presets in our next article.

Delete Preset…: Lets you delete a saved preset.

Device Central is used when creating content for a mobile device. Device Central is now included along with a number of Creative Suite 5 products. See more…

When necessary options are set, click OK to create the new document. The new document is visible in the workspace, you can now start creating your art work. When done, save the document (File > Save) as the default Photoshop file (.psd).

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About the Author: Minal is a freelance web and graphics designer. She specializes in designing Logos, Stationery, Graphics and Icons as well as website templates using graphical tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Expression Web. Twitter @saffronstroke

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