Crop Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Since we are exploring the basics of Photoshop, let me introduce you to one of the simple ways to crop images. The crop tool

1. Choose the Crop tool Crop tool from the Toolbox.

2.  Now drag your cursor over the image to crop it. The crop selection would look like this:


The handles around the corners and centers of the four sides will help you adjust the crop size.

3. To crop the image, either hit the ‘Enter’ key or right click anywhere over the image and choose ‘Crop’. If you want to cancel cropping, choose ‘Cancel’ from the same menu or hit ‘Esc’ key.

These steps were easy. If you want some advanced usage of ‘Crop’ tool then set the resample options in the Options palette (seen above). The Crop options would be active on the Options palette when you choose the Crop tool from the toolbox.

What is resampling?

Resampling is changing the amount of image data as you change either the pixel dimensions or the resolution of an image. When you downsample(decrease the number of pixels), information is deleted from the image. When you resample up (increase the number of pixels, or upsample), new pixels are added. You specify an interpolation method to determine how pixels are added or deleted. For further details, read here.

If you want to crop the image without resampling, make sure the Resolution box has no value. To resample image during cropping, enter the values of width, height and resolution in the palette. Use Switch values to switch values of width and height. Another interesting cropping option is to resample your image based on the dimensions and resolution of another image. To do that, open the other image, choose the Crop tool, and click the Front Image button in the options bar. Then make the image you want to crop active.

When you use the crop tool to make a selection on the image, the Options palette looks like this;

a. Cropped Area: ‘Delete’ will discard the cropped area whereas ‘Hide’ will make the area hidden. You can make it visible by using the Move tool. Cropped Area option won’t be active, if your image has only a background layer. You will have to convert it to a normal layer (double click on the background layer in the Layers palette) to activate these options.

b. Crop Guide Overlay: The default value if ‘Rule of Thirds’ that adds guides at 1/3 increments. Whereas ‘Grid’ displays fixed guides with spacing depending upon the crop size.

c. Shield: Cropping shield will gray out the area that is to be cropped. You can select a different color and opacity.

d. Perspective: This option of the Crop tool lets you transform the perspective in an image.

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