Slice Images in Photoshop

The ‘Slice Tool’ in Photoshop is used to slice an image into sections. You may require to slice an image into multiple smaller images in various types of web design work. To give you an example, you may need to split up a map to elaborate on different regions to explain its geographical characteristics or slice up an image of human body to explain various organs. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Slice tool.

There are two tools; Slice tool and Slice Select Tool. The ‘Slice tool’ creates the slices while the ‘Slice Select Tool’ helps you select and edit existing slices. Both the Slice tools can be found under the Crop tool in the Toolbox.

Slice Tool

Follow these steps to create and save slices;

1. Click and hold down the Crop tool in the Toolbox to open the fly out menu. Then choose the Slice tool.

2. Click and drag over the area of the image you wish to make into a slice. Then release the mouse button. Photoshop will automatically create the necessary number of slices with the active slice highlighted.

Image with slices

3. Use the Slice Select tool to move and/or resize the slices. To move a slice, highlight it and then drag it. To resize use the handles.

4. To save different slices, use the ‘Save for Web & Devices…’ option. In the ‘Save for Web & Devices…’ window, highlight the slice you want to save, choose the format and click on the Save button.

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