Red Eye Tool in Photoshop

The Red Eye Tool in Photoshop removes the red eye in the flash photos. Earlier removing red eye was a task of creating adjustment layers, adding blur, modifying the saturation and so on. Removing red eye has been made very simple with the Red Eye tool.

1. Choose the RGB color mode.

2. In the toolbox, hold down the Spot Healing Brush Tool and from the fly out menu, choose Red Eye Tool.

Red Eye Tool 

3. Simple click in the red eye. If you are not satisfied with the results, change the following options;

Red Eye Tool Options

Pupil Size: Increase or decrease the area affected by the Red Eye Tool.

Darken Amount: Increase or decrease the darkness of the correction.

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About the Author: Minal is a freelance web and graphics designer. She specializes in designing Logos, Stationery, Graphics and Icons as well as website templates using graphical tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Expression Web. Twitter @saffronstroke

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