Wood Texture in Photoshop CS5


1. Create a new document; File > New. Select appropriate size (I have created a 350 x 350px document) and click OK.

2. Click on the Foreground color in the Toolbox and choose a color similar to the wooden color, something in the shade of orange and brown. Then choose the Paint Bucket tool and paint the document with the foreground color.

3. Then we will some noise to the image by Filter > Noise > Add Noise… In the ‘Add Noise’ dialog box, choose following values:


4. Next we will add motion blur by Filter > Blur > Motion Blur… In the ‘Motion Blur’ dialog box, choose following values:


5. Duplicate this layer. Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate (Shift + Ctrl + U). The image will be converted into grayscale, but don’t worry. Change the Blending mode of the layer to ‘Soft Light’ and reduce the Opacity to approximately 50%.

6. Now add some texture, go to Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges.


Enter these values:

Edge Thickness – 2, Edge Intensity – 5 and Posterization – 2

Click Ok to exit from the dialog box. Your image will now look like this:


7. Our last step would be to add a realistic wooden effect by adding knots to the image. Go to Filter > Liquify…

In the Liquify dialog box, use the Twirl Clockwise Tool and using a desired size Brush, make some knots as shown here;


Tip: To create knots, hold down the Twirl tool on a specific point for few seconds until you are satisfied with the twirl effect then slowly drag it downwards or upwards before you leave it. This will create a nice blended effect to the knots.

And your wooden board is ready!


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