Warping Text using Envelope Distort (Warp) Command in Illustrator CS5


Warp Tool is the simplest way to warp text. But to apply the warp tool, the text needs top be converted into outlines which makes it un-editable. What if you may have to modify the text later? You will have to retype the text and reapply the warp command. But a smarter option for this would be to use the ‘Envelope Distort’ command. This command enables you to warp text using three features – Warp, Mesh and Top Object. And most importantly text remains editable.

In this tutorial, we will focus on the Warp feature of the Envelope Distort Tool and we will cover the others in our future articles.

1. Create a new document in Illustrator CS5 and using the Type Tool (T) draw a text box. Type in the text you want to warp. Or if you are working on an existing document and created the text, simply select the textbox with the Selection Tool (V).

2. Go to Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Warp… This will launch the Warp Options dialog box.


Switch on the preview and experiment with these options;

Style: Lets you choose the various warping styles built in Illustrator.

Horizontal and Vertical: are the axes for warping.

Bend: will determine the percentage of bend/curve.

Distortion: The horizontal and vertical distortion let you distort the text horizontally or vertically. Adjust the handles or enter a percentage value in the box.


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