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There are several tools in Photoshop for painting and editing colors in an image. The brush tool applies brush strokes with the selected foreground color. Options for the brush tool can be set in the Options bar. And apart from using the default brushes provided by Photoshop you can import brushes and also create your own custom sets.

Brush tool and the Pencil tool are traditional painting tools. While brush tool created soft strokes of color the Pencil tool creates hard-edged lines. In this tutorial, we will study the Brush tool in detail.

The brush tool can be found in the toolbar shown by a small brush icon or use the shortcut ‘B’.


Once you choose the brush tool, following options will be displayed in the Options bar.


a. Presets: Choose from the recently used presets or browse for more.

b. Brush: Opens up its own menu with two sub-options – Master Diameter which sets the diameter of the brush and Hardness sets the softness (with lower value) and hardness (with higher value) of the brush. Here you can choose a type of brush from the given set of brushes and can also load brush presets by clicking on the small right arrow in the menu.


c. Toggle the Brush Panel: Opens up the Brush Palette.


d. Mode: Set the painting mode in which the brush will be used.

e. Opacity: Sets the opacity of the brush.

f. Tablet Pressure Controls Opacity: Overrides the Brush Panel settings and lets the tablet pressure control the opacity of the brush.

g. Flow: Sets the flow rate of the brush.

h. Enable airbrush mode: Enables the airbrush modes.

i. Tablet Pressure Controls Size: Overrides the Brush Panel settings and lets the tablet pressure control the size of the brush.

In addition to these options, the Brush Panel (shown in pt. c.) will also give you some more Brush options.

Here is a sample usage of few brushes;


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